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Lebanese attestation

As with all embassies/consulates in Australia, there are certain specific requirements required in order to have documents attested. The Lebanese Consulate is no exception.

For instance, if you are based in NSW, then you must have your documents attested through the Lebanese Consulate in Edgecliff, NSW. If you try to send through your documents to the ACT, they will be returned to you with clear instructions to attest in NSW.

If you require your university testamur/transcript attested, the original document (not notarised true copies of the original documents as these will be rejected) will need to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Sydney, Australia (DFAT) prior to being attested by the Lebanese Consulate. When lodging this request you can either make an appointment to attend the Lebanese Consulate or courier (but not post) the documents to the Lebanese Consulate. Payment must be made by cash.

If you are seeking to have a divorce order from the Family Court of Australia attested, you will need the following documents:

  1. The original divorce order to be authenticated without notarisation by the DFAT;
  2. The original divorce order translated into Arabic (preferably by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) or Language Services by Multicultural NSW) to be authenticated by the DFAT (with or without notarisation on the original document);
  3. A scanned copy of your passport (please ensure the name on your passport matched with that on the divorce order); and
  4. A power of attorney from Lebanon in Arabic authorising someone to act on your behalf in Lebanon.

Once you have all the relevant documents, you will need to make an appointment to attend the Lebanese Consulate in person.

Bear in mind, requirements can be altered on occasion.

If you do require assistance with attesting documents with the Lebanese Consulate, please contact us at attestation@bannermans.com.au.