You have selected that you require documents prepared for use in Lebanon.

We do not currently attend to the Lebanese Consulate.

For information regarding how we can attend to assist you with the preparation of documents to submit documents to the consulate yourself, please see Part 1. of below for information.

For information on how to contact us for further information or to engage our services please see Part 2. of the below information.

1. Notarisation and Authentication Services for submission to the Lebanese Consulate

As a general guide, please see below the applicable processes and fees for notarising and authenticating documents:

Notarisation-1 document is AU$300 + GST. For each additional document to be notarised, the fee is AU$60 + GST per document.

Authentication-Attending the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Sydney, Australia (DFAT) is AU$250 + GST. The authentication fee per document is AU$92.

Attestation – We cannot provide this service however you may arrange this yourself.

Additional fees are applicable for returning the documents to you domestically (AU$11) or overseas (AU$121).

Turnaround time

I estimate that the whole process shall take 4-6 working days from receipt of the original document from you.

Important Additional Information

Please note that you will need to arrange for Consular attestation services yourself.

Please contact us if you wish to engage our services to assist with preparing your documents in accordance with the requirements of the Lebanese Consular for attestation.

2. Contact Us – All Enquiries

For further information or to engage our services please reply this email.

To enable to best assist with your query, please include scanned copies of the documents requiring notarisation and/or authentication.

Alternatively, you may contact our office on 02 9929 0226 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM (AEST).